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Nuclear Energy Institute:

A Top Workplace This week, the Washington Post published its survey on the best places to work in the Washington, DC region.  I was delighted to see that the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) made this list.  Kudos to the management and staff of NEI for this distinction! The results were based on a questionnaire to […]

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Radio Interview: Nuclear and other alternative energy sources

In lieu of my weekly post, I’m posting a link to a radio interview I did recently. Doug Goldstein, host of the personal finance show “Goldstein on Gelt,” brought me back for a return engagement to discuss the future of alternative energy including molten salt reactors. The show was broadcast on Israel’s English-language radio network, […]

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Science Denialists:

The Hidden Danger An amusing tongue-in-cheek article in the New Yorker, entitled “Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans,” made me smile–but also made me reflect on the darker truth behind the humor. Most of us, especially those trained in science, find it difficult to believe that other people sometimes can’t seem to understand […]

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Yes, Google, there is a hydrail

by guest blogger Stan Thompson Dear Google: “hydrail” is really a word, and has been since at least February of 2004 when it appeared in an invited article in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (volume 29, issue 4, page 438). It was used as early as 2003 in an invited presentation at the US DOT’s […]

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EPA takes big step to regulate aircraft GHGs

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) intends to issue a scientific finding that greenhouse gases from aircraft pose a risk to human health, paving the way for regulating emissions from the U.S. aviation industry. Touching off what is likely to be a long and contentious regulatory process, the EPA on Wednesday said it is “proposing to find under […]

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