Archive | March, 2011

The Fukushima Nuclear Accident: Some Observations

Along with the rest of the world, I have spent the past week watching in horror the incredible sequence of events unfold in Japan–a record-breaking earthquake followed by a tsunami, together triggering a series of malfunctions in several units of the Fukushima nuclear power station. My interest in what is happening in Japan is both […]

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Breakthroughs in Solar Energy

With the fossil fuel levels around the planet steadily declining, both governments and individual consumers are looking for alternate energy sources to reduce costs and carbon footprints. You might want to ask your handyman how you can convert your house to be more energy efficient. Solar energy, once an inefficient and expensive process, has had […]

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Magnesium and Plexiglas Hydrogen Storage Breakthrough

Scientists and engineers at the Department of Energy (DOE) have discovered through the use of nanotechnology how to densely pack hydrogen molecules for safe storage inside lightweight tanks and easily release those molecules when needed for fuel. The DOE’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) is using a material related to Plexiglas sprinkled with nanoparticles of […]

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