Forbes Pokes Fun at Hydrogen Car Development in California

Michael Lynch, a contributor to Forbes, has written a funny “future” overview of hydrogen car development in California. Mr. Lynch’s satirical prognostication pokes fun at the government and governor of California.

According to Mr. Lynch, “In January 2015, with hydrogen vehicles still costing nearly $100,000, the state of California decides to hold auto executives hostage. After a month of minimal progress, the state moves the executives into cages suspended over shark tanks. Even when their families are added, however, no progress is made and a court decision frees them. The prison guards union sues to block the move, but compromises by agreeing that the guards will be kept on salary after the prisoners leave.

“December 2015, the state of California admits that it has been unable to generate scientific breakthroughs for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles using government mandates, so it has relaxed the timeline by a decade. However, to demonstrate its commitment to the concept, the state announces mandates for the development of anti-gravity devices, fusion power, and a cure for cancer.”

This futuristic hydrogen car conspiracy tale gave me a big chuckle. In fact I laughed and rolled around on the ground so much I gave myself a wedgie. Don’t ask me how that happened.


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