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The high cost of an easy-care, low-maintenance world

I may be a member of an endangered species. I prefer a perfect crease in a pair of pants resulting from the use of an actual iron rather than a crease maintained by a toxic brew of chemicals that can make cotton-fiber pants not only “wrinkle-free,” but also “stain resistant.” Once you finally get such […]

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The storms are only going to get worse

We are now used to hearing about once-in-a-1,000-year floods. The fact that we are used to hearing about them tells us that they will no longer be rare. In fact, since climate change is at the heart of these events and continues unabated, we can expect that storms practically everywhere will get worse. That’s because […]

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NASA Develops Cryo-Fluid Capacitor for Hydrogen on Demand

I floated this story out over Twitter a couple of days ago and there was less than a yawn in response. So, I’m going to try again to convey why this new Cryo-Fluid Capacitor (not flux capacitor) technology could be a very big deal for hydrogen fuel cell car lovers. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center has […]

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