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Challenges to Nuclear Power:

Not Always the Obvious Most conventional wisdom has looked at the rising use of solar and wind power and concluded that these are the primary reasons that nuclear power plants have been shutting down in recent years.  There is a growing body of analysis, however, that refutes that claim.  A recent study by MIT has […]

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Hawaii’s existential choice: Tourism, food and survival

Hawaiians used to feed themselves quite easily on this island paradise. With the arrival of Europeans and Americans came European and American ideas about plantation agriculture. Hawaii became a producer of coffee, sugar, pineapple, papaya, rice and other plantation crops. While destroying Hawaii’s diverse food system, the growers created a prosperous agricultural trading economy with […]

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Is Washington tacitly operating under a new monetary theory?

In 2002 when soon-to-be-dismissed U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill warned then Vice President Dick Cheney that the Bush administration’s tax cuts would drive up deficits and threaten the health of the economy, Cheney famously answered: “You know, Paul, Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.” In the wake of the recently approved federal tax cut,voices concerned about […]

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Nuclear Fission and Accurate Reporting:

This Shouldn’t be so Difficult! Those of us in the nuclear field frequently find ourselves having to address inaccuracies in published material.  In the past, I’ve encountered 2 categories–publications from organizations with a bias against nuclear power, and publications that attempt to be balanced, but sometimes make a mistake.  Today, I just encountered a third […]

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An Important Nuclear Milestone:

75 Years Since the Birth  of the Atomic Age  I woke up today to news articles in several sources highlighting the fact that today marks the 75th anniversary since the world’s first man-made nuclear reactor began splitting atoms.  I’m a little chagrined that I didn’t think of this earlier myself, since it holds a major […]

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Why Baker, California Needs a Hydrogen Fueling Station

  Baker, CA Hydrogen Fueling Station Proposal   A couple of months back I wrote two articles titled “1st Interstate H2 Highway in the USA Rolls Out September 2017” and “1st Interstate Hydrogen Highway in USA Inaugurated by Maiden Voyage” which were about a voyage upon an interstate hydrogen highway between southern California and Las […]

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