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DHL to Reduce Carbon Footprint with Lighting Retrofit

Global logistics giant DHL this month launched a coordinated Lighting Retrofit Program at its Global Forwarding unit in the Americas region, part of an “interim target” of reaching a 5 percent improvement in carbon efficiency by the end of year. The program initially will be rolled out in the U.S. before expanding to Canada and […]

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Being Green in an unstable economy

Just when we think the economy is starting to look up it appears as though that apparition may be fading. So many people are thinking less about the environment and more about their own finances and rightfully so. These two thoughts can assist one another when approached with diligent research and patience. A little reminder […]

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Sycamore Design Could Revolutionise Wind Power

A sycamore seed design may be set to revolutionize the wind power industry. British engineers have designed a giant wind turbine called the Aerogenerator that would rotate on its axis mimicking the way sycamore seeds fly. The Aerogenerator has two arms coming out of its base to form a V-shape, with rigid “sails” mounted along […]

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World’s Biggest Fuel Cell to Combat City’s Peak Power

The world’s largest fuel cell built by Ballard Power Systems will be moving to the Eastlake Plant of Ohio-based FirstEnergy Corp. The world’s biggest hydrogen fuel cell is rated at 1 megawatt and is called ClearGen, which is a utility scale generator. This will be a multi-year demonstration of the zero emissions capability of this […]

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